Platinum Temperature Heater H 540 S

PT Heater

  • – Temperature range -25 °C to +800 °C, short-term to +850 °C
제품 특징


Precice heating of fluids, gases and solids

Specifiation and tolerance range

Characteristic based on DIN EN 60751 Tolerance: +/- 0,5 Ω at 0 °C

Nominal resistance

12 Ω at 0 °C

Temperature coefficient

3850 ppm/K

Lead wire

Pt-wire, Ø 0,25 mm, 6 mm

Connection technology

Suitable for welding and brazing

Long-term stability

Max. R0-drift +/- 0,5 Ω after 1000 h at +700 °C, 3 W after 10000 cycles 40 s on/off (room temperature up to +700 °C)

Heating current

Max. 1000 mA

Heating voltage

Max. 24 V (consider temperature-dependent resistance)

Maximum temperature

+800 °C, short-term up to +850 °C (1 hour)

Heating time

≥ 12 seconds from +25 °C to +700 °C
Test conditions: Not installed in still air at room temperature

Tolerances in mm:

L: ± 0.2 • W: ± 0.2 • H: ± 0.3 • LL: ± 1 • LØ: ± 0.02

Supply range

H 540 S offers a great temperature range, making it deployable for many applications. Customized designs can be considered to suit very large requirements.

Heater H 540 S: Temperature range -25 °C to +800 °C
Name Order number Dimensions in mm
Type Design Nominal resistance Plastic bag L W H LL
H 540 S Pt12 5084080 5.2 3.9 1 6 0.25
Solutions and Sensor Modules for Customized Applications

The range of applications using the Pt thin-film technology extends well beyond the manufacture of classicPt temperature sensors.

The multi-functionality concept utilizing platinum thin-film technology has been applied to create sensor modules.
The designs range from straightforward single-chip sensor/heater combinations, to complex multiple feature chips containing sensors, heaters, electrodes, and other components.
For our customers, there is also an option to apply sensitive layers on the electrode: Through the use of metal oxides, for example, multi-sensor platforms become gas sensors capable of measuring concentrations of oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen or methane, down to the ppm range.

In addition to applications in gas and humidity measurement, platform chips customized for aqueous media analysis in biomedical technology applications, and other similar applications, are possible.
Heraeus Nexensos, a specialist and leader in platinum thin-film technology, is your first contact and development partner in the area of multi-sensor platforms with custom designed Pt structures for sensors, heaters or electrodes in mono- or multi-layer design.

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